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Retirement mortgages in Guernsey

Published on: 6 October 2021


According to the latest Guernsey Facts & Figures report published by, almost 27% of people living in Guernsey are aged 60 or over*.

With the over 60s accounting for more than a quarter of Guernsey’s population, we’re pleased to offer a range of products to support those who may be looking to take out a mortgage in retirement.

Whether you’re looking for a new home, a remortgage deal, or an alternative to equity release; our retirement mortgages are exclusively available to Guernsey residents through SPF Private Clients.

Retirement mortgages

Our retirement mortgages work just like a conventional mortgage; however, they’re available to applicants aged 55 to 85. Available on an interest only or repayment basis, a retirement mortgage could be suitable if you're looking to purchase a new home, remortgage or release funds from your property for a number of reasons, such as helping children or grandchildren onto the property ladder or funding home improvements†.

Retirement Interest Only (RIO) mortgages

As the name might suggest, RIO mortgages are available to Guernsey residents aged 55 or over on a purely interest-only basis. An alternative to equity release, a RIO mortgage could be suitable if you’d like to remain in your home with no future plans to downsize but wish to release funds from your property for a number of reasons.

Because RIO mortgages are only available on interest only, you’ll need to be able to maintain the interest payments throughout the mortgage term (individually if submitting a joint application), but you won’t pay back the capital loan itself until a life event occurs, for example the last remaining borrower going into long-term care or passing away.

As the interest on a RIO mortgage is paid off monthly, there’s no interest-roll up which may help protect the equity in your property, so you could leave more behind to loved ones.

How can the Marsden help?

We’ve partnered with SPF Private Clients; the largest and longest running mortgage broker in Guernsey. SPF’s experienced advisors have full access to our range of mortgage products and with over 20 years of experience, can provide professional and tailored financial advice.

There’s a range of eligibility criteria you’ll need to meet for our mortgage products, but SPF will be able to talk you through this in more detail and recommend the right product to meet your needs.

You can view our full range of products on our ‘Mortgages’ page, or alternatively, to get in touch with SPF, please visit our ‘Contact SPF’ page.

* 2021 Facts and Figures Booklet. Percentage of Guernsey residents aged 60+.
†Depending on the amount of the loan advance, documented evidence may be required to support the loan purpose.