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AGM Results 2024

AGM Results Marsden Building Society

I am pleased to confirm the result of voting at the Society’s 163rd Annual General Meeting held in Burnley on Wednesday 24 April 2024 as follows.

Ordinary ResolutionsForAgainstWithheld% in Favour
To receive the Auditor’s Report, Directors’ Report, Annual Accounts and Business Statement2,233221899.02%
To approve the Directors' Remuneration Report2,0881404593.72%
To re-appoint Deloitte LLP as auditors2,179712396.84%
Ordinary Resolution for the Re-Election of DirectorsForAgainstWithheld% in Favour
To elect Heather Janette Crinion as a Director2,190592497.38%
To elect Georgina Louise Smith as a Director2,188553097.55%
To elect Nicola Jayne Webber as a Director2,182632897.06%
To re-elect John Laurence Walker as a Director2,179662897.06%
To re-elect Mark Russel Gray as a Director2,188533297.63%
To re-elect Christopher McDonald as a Director2,191552797.55%
To re-elect Robert Michael Pheasey as a Director2,175692996.93%
To re-elect Maura Sullivan as a Director2,173722896.79%
To re-elect Neal Walker as a Director2,190552897.55%

The Society will be donating £1,110.50 to the Marsden Building Society Charitable Foundation in respect of the Society’s pledge for votes at this year’s Annual General Meeting.

Thank you to all our members who voted.

Tracy Ashworth
General Manager & Secretary
25 April 2024


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