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Here at the Marsden we understand how important good quality insurance is to protect your home and for that reason we are partnered with RSA, one of the UK's leading insurers.
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Only pay for what you need - nothing more, nothing less.

Your home insurance is individual to you, which is why we offer a modular policy ensuring you're covered for the things that are important to you at a price that fits.
Home Insurance
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Step one

Choose from three levels of core cover…

1. Buildings only £400,000 as standard
2. Contents only £50,000 as standard
3. Combine core Building & Contents to provide the best cover for your home and possessions

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Step two

Then add the extra cover options that you need from the list below

Technology & entertainment*

- TV’s, DVD/Video players & recorders, satellite dishes & receivers, aerials
- CD players & recorders,radios
- MP3 players, iPods, music and film downloads
- Mobile phones and fax machines
- PCs, laptops, netbooks and printers
- Musical instruments and accessories
- Cameras and accessories

Personal items*

- Jewellery, watches and medals
- Camping & outdoor equipment 
- Bikes, wheelchairs and electric scooters for the infirm or disabled 
- Spectacles, contact lenses and hearing aids
- Credit, debit, cheque or cash dispenser cards
- Money, cheques, gift tokens, travellers’ cheques, premium bond
- Pre-payment cards, postal or money orders, phone cards
- Season or travel tickets

Garden Contents

- Trees, plants, shrubs, hedges and lawns 
- Gardening equipment (lawnmowers, shears, spades etc)
- Garden furniture, barbecues, patio heaters
- Play equipment
- Moveable water features, statues, pots, lights

*Extra cover option not available if you purchase core buildings only.

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Step three

Contents accidental damage

- Mirrors and glass 
- Ceramic hobs 
- Glass in furniture 
- Damage caused by removal firms 
- Accidental loss of metered water, liquid petroleum gas or oil

Buildings accidental damage

- Drains 
- Pipes Cables
- Underground tanks 
- Glass 
- Ceramic hobs
- Fixed sanitary ware

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Step four

Legal expenses

- Personal injury
- Consumer protection
- Residential 
- Employment 
- Tax

Home emergency assistance

- Loss of heating or electricity
- Failure of plumbing or drainage
- Removal of mice, rats, squirrels and wasps nests
- Securing broken windows or doors
- Emergency roof repairs
- Overnight accommodation costs if your home can’t be lived in

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