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Broker submitting an Agreement in Principle with Marsden Building Society Intermediaries

If you’d like to submit an Agreement in Principle (AIP) and application on behalf of your client, we’ve covered the steps below, so you know what to expect.

Step 1

Checking affordability and criteria

Before submitting an AIP, you’ll need to see if your client passes affordability. You can download calculators for each range on our ‘Affordability calculators’ page, and to save time, you can send a completed copy to us with your application.

If you need to check our criteria, you’ll find A-Z guides on our dedicated Criteria page. Our underwriting team take a case-by-case approach, so if your client doesn’t fit criteria, we can still take a look. We may spot something we can help with, so please get in touch.

Step 2

Submitting an AIP

If your client passes affordability and fits the criteria for a product, you can submit an AIP. You can find our AIP form, and other useful documents on our Downloads page, including the ESIS request form, fact sheets and user guides.

To submit an AIP, you do not need to register with us. You can contact us directly and send your AIP to intermediaries@themarsden.co.uk. For our latest turnaround times, please check our Service standards page.

Step 3

Submitting an application

You can submit an application through Intermediary Online, accessible via the button below or at the top of your screen. To avoid delays, please ensure that the form is fully complete, signed by both you and your client, and sent with all supporting documents.

Please note, we cannot start assessing your case until all supporting documents have been provided. Please take a look at our documentation checklists, which can be found on our 'Downloads' page.

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