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We've Expanded Our Expat Countries List

Published on: 7 June 2022


We’ve enhanced our proposition for your Expat Residential and Expat Buy to Let clients by expanding our list of acceptable countries. We’ve made this change to support more of your UK citizens looking to purchase a property in the UK for residential or investment purposes.

To make it easier for you to submit business to us, we’ve put a list together of the countries we do not accept – if your client resides in a country that isn’t listed, we’ll consider their case.

You can find the list on our Expat Residential and Expat Buy to Let product pages, on our criteria pages, or in the Expat support section of our Downloads page.

A few reminders about our Expat mortgage ranges…

For Expat Residential cases, your applicant must be paid in one of our approved currencies – please visit our Expat Residential criteria page for further details.

For Expat Buy to Let, there are no currency restrictions if the rental income passes the 125% at 5.5% or chosen product rate + 2% (whichever is the higher of the two) for UK basic rate tax payers, or for higher rate tax payers, 145% at 5.5%.

We don’t credit score, which works especially well for expat clients who may have been living abroad for several years and may struggle to evidence credit history. Our underwriters look at every case and use a common-sense approach to judge your client’s profile.

We currently have Expat Residential products available up to 85% LTV on repayment or 50% LTV on interest only and Expat Buy to Let products available up to 70% LTV on repayment or interest only.

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